American breed

After many years of study and breeding on the European breeds, I decided to apply my experience also acquired on the American breeds. For this reason, the project started in collaboration with Arianna Zupanic who, for a couple of years, helped me in the development of the exhibition project for my dogs.

This society between Arianna and me in the American breed was created with the intention of bringing a lot of energy: my decades of experience both in the work of breeding, exhibition and selection of the best subjects for character, her energy, her enthusiasm and her in-depth study of the North American breeds.

The two lines will remain separated, we could almost say that they are two “different breeds”.

Our two progenitors, Magicshades Something Just Like This, aka Dawy and Kinglandings Queen of Dragons, aka Khaleesy come from very solid North American breeds checked for the various hereditary diseases of the breed. They also show solidity in character and an excellent attitude for the activities for which Golden Retrievers are characterized, in order to build a solid and dual purpose line.