Golden Retriever at work

When you have a Golden with a dual attitude, it is a great satisfaction to have a beautiful dog that learns very quickly and with great ease.


The Golden Retriever is a dog that has been selected for retrieving. One of his most important skills is being able to mark game over a long distance, so he uses his eyes much more than another hunting dog. When it reaches the felling area, it circumscribes it using the sense of smell. This breed expresses its greatest qualities in open terrain, where other hunting dogs would lose their references.


This breed is used not only in work, but also in obedience competitions, a specialty that requires a lot of harmony and the desire to satisfy the master, and in agility, where, in addition to harmony, the dowry of speed is required.


Of great importance is the use of these animals in social activities, such as pet therapy, assistance for people with disabilities, blind driving, avalanche rescue, earthquake relief and help for the fire brigade.

We are proud to have bred dogs like Artù, the first Golden operational in Italy for avalanche rescue, and Ressy, who was among the pioneers of guide dogs for the Italian Blind Association, or Gastone, to bring comfort and assistance to disabled elderly people collaborating with the Italian Red Cross.

The Golden Retriever is not only a magnificent companion dog, but also a trusted and versatile friend, always ready to adapt and serve in the many facets of human life.


Our dogs at work

Our dogs at work